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The WOTC and ATS – A Dynamic Duo of Integration

Written by Angie Longacre. Updated May 23, 2019.

Fish and chips. Batman and Robin. Steak and eggs. Hall and Oates. Bacon and…everything.

Some things are good all on their own: sink your teeth into a chunk of velvety milk chocolate or slip a spoonful of creamy peanut butter across your tongue. Yum. Now put them together…and you’ve got a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. “Two great tastes that taste great together.”

And sometimes they’re just better together.

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Work Opportunity Tax Credit and Jobs Act to Help American Workers…Permanently

Written by Rachel Zarate Brouwer. Updated May 20, 2019.

Updated May 20, 2019

Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) announced late last week that lawmakers on the Senate Finance Committee will form bipartisan groups to analyze how best to address expired and soon-to-expire tax incentives, known as extenders.

Finance Committee Democrats and Republicans will convene six separate working groups to analyze tax extenders, with the two largest working groups addressing energy tax incentives and those for economic and community development.

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How the WOTC Helps Hotels ‘Keep House’ on Rising Costs

Written by Angie Longacre. Updated May 20, 2019.

The Days Inn hotel promotes its multi-national chain with a distinguishable rising sun, and until recently, the tagline: The Best Value Under the Sun. The slogan intended to succinctly convey the business’ value proposition dedicated to “providing value-conscious travelers with the best combination of warm hospitality and integrity for their money.”

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Top 3 Tax Incentives for Building ‘Green’

Written by Darren Labrie. Updated May 17, 2019.

The 21st-century conservationists have firmly planted the phrase ‘going green’ into the American lexicon. It ubiquitously serves as a catch-all term for the act of swapping old processes, services, laws, materials, and products for those that carry some environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient element. Green building construction is just one of the many environment-saving efforts happening today.

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2018 Farm Bill Sows Tax Breaks for Industrial Hemp

Written by Mark Echols. Updated May 15, 2019.

Fifty-four years ago, the U.S. government established the Agriculture Improvement Act – or ‘Farm Bill’ - to address agricultural, conservation, forestry, nutrition, and food policy. Since it’s implementation, congress reviews and updates legislation approximately every five years.

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R&D Tax Credits Can Help ‘Unicorn’ Startups Gallop from Fairytales to Reality

Written by Angie Longacre. Updated May 11, 2019.

The mythical unicorn. A magical, winged equine distinctively ornamented with an elegant horn protruding from its forehead. Fabled to be rare and elusive, this peaceful creature has galloped from long ago tales of enchantment into modern reality as a common moniker for the uncommon or scarce.

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Where There’s a WOTC, There’s a Way

Written by Angie Longacre. Updated May 9, 2019.

How Employment Tax Credits Can Help Businesses Pay for Vital Worker Training

The gains we’ve made in our world through the centuries, we owe to men and women who doggedly pursued their goals. Undeterred by setbacks and roadblocks, if one path failed, they sought another - finding workarounds and alternate routes of forward motion until they found success.

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Industry 4.0 Companies – What They Are and How R&D Credits Can Revolutionize Their Savings

Written by Angie Longacre. Updated May 7, 2019.

The first industrial revolution – still often referred to as simply the Industrial Revolution - altered the pace and face of manufacturing forever. Beginning in the 18th century, water and steam-powered machines took production out of human hands and galvanized the U.S. and Europe to manufacture materials and goods at volumes and speed never before attainable.

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Negotiating Your Business’ Future with Discretionary Incentives

Written by Stephanie Cornejo Banuelos. Updated May 4, 2019.

Imagine: After getting laid-off and pounding the proverbial pavement for several months, you finally have two employers knocking on your door. Both offers are adequate. One offers a higher salary and flexible hours. The other promises better benefits and a shorter commute. As you’ve been inching towards desperation, you’d consider taking either offer as-is. Yet you want the ‘full meal deal.’ What do you do?

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Four Ways to Ensure the IRS Accepts Your Cost Segregation Study

Written by Darren Labrie. Updated Apr 30, 2019.

Book Reports. Back in school, many of us agonized over the time-consuming, rule-laden amalgamation of facts and theories. Sometimes you were permitted to pick the topic, sometimes the teacher did. But the teacher always laid down the requirements: double-spaced; 800 to 1,000 words; typed (or printed if you go back that far); include a cover page with your name, date, etc.

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