Why It’s Important To Use Secure Tax Software To Protect Your Data

Written by Frances Kim. Updated Jun 18, 2015.

The right tax software allows businesses submitting for tax credits and other tax saving strategies to streamline their workflows and improve their documentation processes. In particular, tax credit software offers decision-makers at your company greater control in outsourcing the credit process to a tax consultant.

Increased transparency and more control over expenses leads to a significant amount of cost savings. When you combine these savings with potential tax savings awarded through incentives and cost-segregation studies, your budget greatly benefits. Your tax experts are committed to delivering the highest quality tax software to improve your project management.

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How Tax Experts Help Customize The Client Experience For Your CPA Firm

Written by Frances Kim. Updated Jun 9, 2015.

Delivering superior client services and a customized experience helps CPA firms stand out among other firms in a competitive market. The best way to ensure client loyalty is to offer tax solutions and implement cost-saving strategies that exceed the benefits other CPA firms provide.

Working with an outsourced tax expert helps your firm provide extensive tax services of the same quality clients have come to associate with your name. Learn how audit representation, tax incentive services and cost segregation services improve your CPA firm’s level of client satisfaction.

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Tax Credits And Incentives: How To Quell Client Fears Of An IRS Audit

Written by Frances Kim. Updated May 26, 2015.

Many businesses fear that if they submit for tax credits and incentives, an IRS audit becomes more likely. Instead of allowing clients to miss valuable tax credit opportunities, CPA firms should stress that having guidance and audit support is a solution for businesses inexperienced in the audit process.

It is also important for your clients to understand how businesses are selected to be audited. Contrary to what many people believe, there are no automatic triggers for an audit. Your clients are not necessarily selected to be audited because they pursue a certain tax incentive.

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